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ASUS Tinker Edge T – a new Raspberry Pi like SBC

ASUS announced Tinker Edge T in mid-2019, but now officially announces their latest SBC. Edge T expands Tinker Board series, which was already a strong rival of Raspberry Pi and latest Google Coral Dev Board. The ASUS company has designed Tinker Edge T for AI applications powered with has Google Edge TPU. Google has optimized […]

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ESP32-based LoRa / LoRaWAN wireless network

One way of long-range and low-power data transmission is LoRa wireless technology. Since the Internet of Things market (with ESP32 – based solutions) is mainly covered with short-range Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and long-range with 3G / NarrowBand-IoT technologies, LoRa oftens is omitted or simply unknown by IoT users. Below you will find a short representation […]

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Linux Kernel 5.5 brings changes to ARM, RISC-V and MIPS

At the end of last week, Linus Torvalds brought a complete list of Linux 5.5 changes for ARM, MIPS and RISC-V architectures. Io_uring asynchronous I/O has been improved, adding the ability to modify the set of files being operated on without starting over, user-specifiable completion-ring sizes, absolute timeouts, and support for accept() calls among others. […]


Docker VPN-based Raspberry Pi Server tutorial

Many developement boards can be used in home and industrial applications to control and manage data. Get secure remote access from anywhere via your own VPN based on Docker containers. Check out latest video from open-tech infuencer, Andreas Spiess, in which he uses Raspberry Pi and Docker, Node-RED, influxDB and Grafana to build custom Raspberry […]

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Raspberry Pi based controller with Modbus, M-Bus & MQTT support

Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+ based ModBerry industrial computer series use latest Compute Module 3+, powered by Quad-core Cortex-A53 1.2GHz processor, 1024MB LPDDR2 RAM and up to 32GB Flash eMMC. The module increase the device’s performance up to ten times, maintaining low power consumption and optimal price of the solution. Raspberry Pi based ModBerry features […]