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Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 with PCie/NVMe next year

UPDATE 22.10.20: ModBerry 500 with Compute Module 4 available for pre-order TECHBASE’s ModBerry industrial computer series has received an update to Compute Module 4 and is available for pre-orders. TECHBASE is leading manufacturer of Industrial Raspberry Pi and Industrial Compute Module solutions. ModBerry 500 series is fully compatible with all releases of Compute Module from […]

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Advantages of Industrial IoT in modern manufacturing and smart environments

Industrial Internet of Things (Industrial IoT or just IIoT for short) uses Internet of Things technology to improve production and industrial processes. These processes increasingly require connected devices to perform their tasks effectively. Data generated over the Internet of Things is growing exponentially faster than the traditional cloud environment where data is stored, so just […]


ZigBee Mesh used in end-point IoT devices

ZigBee mesh‘s usefulness for IoT is partly due to the fact that it is an open standard. The same products can be used all over the world, which gives customers a large selection of available option. The high competition between products and producers means that the created solutions are innovative, characterized by high quality and […]


Is LoRa a ‘must be’ for Industrial IoT?

As the remote application market is growing rapidly, technology also needs to progress, ensuring greater range and transmission speed while reducing energy consumption. Technological progress makes it possible to create innovative standards for new, sophisticated applications that facilitate our life and work. One of wireless connection choices can be LoRa technogoly. What exactly is LoRaWAN? […]

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LoRa vs NarrowBand-IoT. What is better for Industrial IoT?

Low-power wide-area (LPWA) technology meets the needs of multiple IoT markets for low-cost devices that maintain long battery life and low-cost, large-area networks that support large numbers of connections. However, LoRa (LoRaWAN) and NarrowBand-IoT have the most momentum and will gain the largest share in the LPWA market in the next few years. Many technology […]


NarrowBand-IoT one of standards for Industrial IoT

The NB-IoT is becoming a standard in wireless communication of IoT devices, for standalone solutions and complex installations with thousands of units, coordinated with gateways. Will NarrowBand-IoT replace other wireless technologies in industrial automation? What exactly is NarrowBand? NarrowBand-IoT (NB-IoT) is a radio technology in the field of LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) dedicated […]