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Cluster for Industrial Edge computing with two Compute Modules 4

Updated ClusBerry device for IoT prototyping Recently TECHBASE introduced ClusBerry, an industrial Raspberry Pi based cluster device, utilizing up to 8x Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 and custom cluster board with a wide range of configuration possibilities. For smaller projects and IoT prototyping, the company designed a smaller and ready-to-deploy cluster device including two independent […]


Toit IoT platform for ESP32 based industrial platforms

Toit was founded in 2018 by a team of developers who built V8 for Chrome on Google in order to build a generic firmware for IoT devices that will replace the traditional development process. They offer a completely new feature set and a new Python-like programming language developed specifically for IoT. Toit is a high-level […]


Amazon Alexa certifies Espressif’s ESP AFE for ESP32-S3 AI & DSP

Amazon‚s website has introduced a Software Audio Front End (AFE) Development Kit section that lists software algorithms that optimize sound detection in noisy environments. The latest addition is the Amazon Alexa recently certified Espressif audio front end or ESP AFE algorithm for shorts. The Espressif AFE algorithm was certified by Amazon after achieving excellent performance […]

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ESP32-aided ModBerry 500-CM4 for ultimate power management with Arduino

Sleep functionality for ModBerry 500 CM4 devices TECHBASE company designed an extended version of Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 based devices, ModBerry 500-CM4-PM series for better power management in changing conditions of industrial applications. With the use of GPIO the module can manage boot, sleep mode or safe shutdown of the device in terms of […]