This week, as a result of the incredible efforts of the Arm community, the Rosetta@Home project has been working on a 64-bit Arm such as the Raspberry Pi 4, Nvidia Jetson Nano, Rockchip RK3399 single board computer, and other SBCs with 2GB of memory. Released support for sending work units to devices. More.

Sahaj Sarup from Linaro, the Neocortix team, Arm, and the Baker Lab at the University of Washington all played in role helping us port the Rosetta software to aarch64, get it tested in their Ralph (Rosetta ALPHa) staging environment, validate the scientific results, and eventually push it to Rosetta@Home.


Now anyone with free computing power on an arm-powered SBC device with a 64-bit operating system can run BOINC to collect data and have a doctor target the COVID-19 peak protein. You can assist your project by performing protein folding calculations that help you (intermedical and scientific burden).

New #CoronaIOT initiative from Industrial IoT manufacturer

Trends indicate a weakening of many sectors of the economy, including the IoT sector. However, we can prevent the upcoming crisis with products and technology keeping up with the inevitable changes in our daily lives.

TECHBASE Group took the challenge of gathering potential partners for projects that serve improvement of health safety and worldwide trend of Social Distancing. The program will periodically present new IoT projects, involving manufacturers, software and hardware developers, new technology influencers and media.