EB (Elektrobit) announced new features and functions in the EB GUIDE. This makes the Advanced Human Machine Interface (HMI) more accessible and convenient than ever to a wider range of developers.

EB provides the EB GUIDE Development Toolkit (SDK) specifically for the Raspberry Pi OS. This allows users of Raspberry Pi devices, one of the most accessible and popular embedded systems development platforms worldwide, to take advantage of the user-friendly features of EB GUIDE to make them extremely simple and efficient. The HMI can be developed. How to do it. This EB GUIDE SDK for Raspberry Pi OS is available to users for free and gives you the opportunity to see how easy it is to model HMI with EB GUIDE.

We are excited to make our unique HMI development toolchain even more capable and available to a broader group of designers and developers,” said Bruno Grasset, Head of Product Management User Experience, Elektrobit. “There are more than 30 million Raspberry Pi devices in use around the world. Pairing our advanced software with the versatile, budget-friendly Raspberry Pi development platform will accelerate innovation, allowing pros and students alike to easily create the world’s most advanced user interfaces.

Source: https://www.elektrobit.com/ebguide/blog/enhanced-flexibility-capability-eou-of-hmi-development-software/
 ModBerry 500 with Compute Module 3+
ModBerry 500 with Compute Module 3+

Industrial use of Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3+

With Compute Module 3+ options from Raspberry Pi, TECHBASE upgraded their ModBerry 500/9500 industrial computers. From now on the ModBerry 500/9500 can be supported with extended eMMC, up to 32GB. Higher memory volume brings new features available for ModBerry series. One of the options is SuperCap power support.

Higher performance of ModBerry 500/9500 with extended eMMC flash memory, up to 32GB , powered by quad-core Cortex A53 processor allows the device to smoothly run Windows 10 IoT Core system, opening up many possibilities for data management, remote control and visualisation.